Out to Lunch

Cyber Port

As we were reminded during hurricane Ida, Louisiana is home to critical infrastructure that serves not only the region but the entire country. Ports and petrochemical plants line the Mississippi River from the Gulf past Baton Rouge. They are vital assets that keep life humming along, and in this digital age they are increasingly interconnected…

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From Baton Rouge to Mars

Believe it or not the trip from Earth to Mars goes through Baton Rouge. If you don’t leave town you can still gaze out at the universe from the planetarium

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Needles and Diamonds

In the age of Internet shopping, retail is an increasingly difficult way to make a living. When shoppers don’t care if you’re local and, no matter where they live, want current fashion and accessories at a fair price, how does a local business compete? Scott Berg says it starts with service. Scott has other strategies too,…

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