Out to Lunch

For Sale

In today’s hyper-competitive economy, even if you’re a sharp business person you need a lot of tools to run a business – from everyday people-management HR skills to social media marketing, and that’s not even touching the nuts and bolts of your business itself. To keep up and stay competitive, local business people are turning…

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The Rodeo Pickle Circuit

Food is something we know we do well in Louisiana. We’re renowned the world over for our Cajun and Creole cuisines, our seafood industry, and the many restaurants and famous chefs we have produced. But Louisiana also has a thriving culture for food entrepreneurs. People may bemoan that our tech or manufacturing sectors lag those…

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One Rum and One Beer

The alcohol business is male dominated but not in Baton Rouge. Meet Cammy Magee from Tin Roof Brewing beer and Olivia Stewart from Three Roll Estate rum

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