It’s not unusual on Out to Lunch to have a guest who’s a star in their own world. Someone who’s well known and highly regarded in a particular field. It’s much less common for Stephanie to have lunch with someone who’s a real star. Someone whose face and name is known nationwide.

Matt Flynn - LSU and NFL quarterback uses his athletic experience to power other players

Matt Flynn – LSU and NFL quarterback uses his athletic experience to power other players

Matt Flynn was a football player who first found fame as a quarterback for the LSU Tigers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just moved here, you’ll know that in 2008 Matt led LSU to a BCS National Championship, and to the number one rank in national polls. Matt went on to the NFL where he was on the Green Bay Packers team that won the superbowl in 2011, and he played for a number of other teams in the NFL, including the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

Typically, star athletes who graduate from professional sports go on to be a spokesperson for a product, or buy into a local business like a bar where their name and face appears on the awning, but that’s about the extent of their involvement in business. That is not Matt Flynn’s story. Matt has his sights set on the business equivalent of football stardom – the big leagues.

Matt has founded a company called MyHy. MyHy makes a liquid electrolyte drink mix formula to keep you hydrated when you’re working out or working hard or just sweating a lot on a hot day.

As a professional athlete, Matt’s interest in hydration is understandable, but there’s a big difference between enthusiasm and the scientific knowledge and business acumen required to take on the likes of Gatorade. To that end, Matt has partnered with nutrition experts and spent two years developing MyHy.

MyHy uses clean, all-natural ingredients, no unnecessary sugars or flavors, and is formulated to match the user’s specific concentration of sweat, which means it gives everyone the closest thing to a tailored hydration. You might think of it as smart hydration.

Photo by Jill Lafleur. Check out Matt Flynn’s last visit to Out to Lunch, with his mom who introduces her candy company.