We all have two sides to our brain: the right brain which is said to control our creative artistic abilities and the left side which is the analytical part that can do math and science. We often tend to describe people as left brain or right brain people, depending on whether they’re particularly gifted with one set of abilities or the other. Is this valid? Or does a successful computer guy need to have artistic skills as well? Does a successful artist need a left brain as well?

Tom Rauls - his store, Tim's Computers, is the OG of Baton Rouge PC

Tom Rauls – his store, Tim’s Computers, is the OG of Baton Rouge PC

Tim Rauls might be considered a left brain person. Tim is the owner of Tim’s Computers, a PC retail and repair shop on Sherwood Forest in Baton rouge that has been fixing the computers of a loyal clientele for more than 25 years. In the decades since, Tim has seen the PC retail and repair business change considerably – from an era where the local IT guy was indispensable to one where he has been replaced by some techy in a call center 4000 miles away.

But through it all Tim’s Computers has survived the disruption – because there is still a segment of the market that doesn’t do online tech support. When you walk into Tim’s you see a steady stream of mostly older customers who literally don’t know where to go when their trusty PC crashes.

Rob Carpenter has the steadiest hand and sharpest eye in Baton Rouge art

Rob Carpenter has the steadiest hand and sharpest eye in Baton Rouge art

Rob Carpenter is a local visual artist who specializes in drawings using a variety of media that produce intricate patterns using shapes and particularly lines.

Rob was a professor of art at Nicholls State University for more than a decade, and though retired from teaching, continues to spend his days drawing and painting in his backyard studio. Rob’s work appears regularly at the Baton Rouge Gallery and is featured in a new satellite studio of the Baton Rouge Gallery at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport. His work has also appeared in venues throughout Baton Rouge and has hung in galleries around the country.

Stephanie Riegel weighs Tim and Rob's left brain right brain skills

Stephanie Riegel weighs Tim and Rob’s left brain right brain skills

Out to Lunch was recorded at La Divina Italian Cafe in the Acadian Village Shopping Center. Photos by Erik Otts .

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