If you think “Silicon Valley” sounds cool but “Silicon Swamp” doesn’t, you’re probably not from South Louisiana.

Here in South Louisiana we love the swamp, it’s a part of who we are. The reason “Silicon Swamp” might sound weird is that we are less inclined to identify ourselves as the home of tech innovation. Well, maybe it’s time for an altitude adjustment! There are  impressive start-up businesses here that maybe you’ve never heard of but that are turning heads around the country. And beyond.

Casey Roussel, arising from the Silicon Swamp's

Casey Roussel

Casey Roussel is Executive Vice President of Cloud Gavel, a company that is revolutionizing the way law enforcement officers do their jobs. More specifically, Cloud Gavel has created software that streamlines the way officers obtain warrants in the field by enabling them to complete the entire warrant process electronically,  without ever having to leave the scene of a crime. The electronic warrant system allows officers to write a bulletin and send it to a judge at the push of a button. The judge then receives an email notification alerting them that there’s a warrant to review, which they can sign or revise and send back all within a matter of minutes. Cloud Gavel is a law enfocement revolution, and it started here in Louisiana. 

Dale Pfost, rewiring your biome

Dale Pfost

Dale Pfost is another revolutionary. Dale is CEO of Microbiome Therapuetics, a biotech company that is developing and marketing therapies that help keep you healthy by interacting with the gastrointestinal microbiome. Growing research suggests that a variety of conditions are impacted by the health of your GI microbiome. BiomeBliss, the flagship product of Dale’s company, is a berry flavored preobiotic blend that is made into a drink or spread and is intended to be an addition to your daily eating routine. You can think of BiomeBliss as a way to make sure you have the proper amount of fruits and vegetables in a day, with fewer calories. 

Casey Roussel, Dale Pfost, Stephanie Riegel

Casey Roussel, Dale Pfost, Stephanie Riegel

Silicon Swamp is real! Out to Lunch is recorded over lunch at  Mansurs on the Boulevard . Photos by Karry Hosford

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