It’s Baton Rouge: Out to Lunch

Hosted ByStephanie Riegel

OUT TO LUNCH finds Baton Rouge Business Report Editor Stephanie Riegel combining her hard news journalist skills and food background: conducting business over lunch. Baton Rouge has long had a storied history of politics being conducted over meals, now the Capital Region has an equivalent culinary home for business: Mansur’s. Each week Stephanie holds court over lunch at Mansur’s and invites members of the Baton Rouge business community to join her. You can also hear the show on WRKF 89.3FM.

Doing Good – Out to Lunch – It’s Baton Rouge

Nonprofit organizations make a huge impact in the community. With decreased government funding for badly needed social services, nonprofits are more important than ever. But assessing need, figuring out how to make the most impact, and then raising money is a challenge.  There are all sorts of ways to make it work, but you have to be creative and very determined.

Jennifer Maggio

Jennifer Maggio founded The Life of a Single Mom in 2007. The organization is based in Baton Rouge and in 10 years has become one of the largest, single-mom support groups in the nation.

Life of a Single Mom not only offers support to single mothers in the Baton Rouge community, it works to launch other support groups in cities around the country. To date, Life of a single mom has launched 1,500 support groups and serves more than 50-thousand single parent families. Jennifer herself was once a single mom so she knows the need first hand and has quite an incredible story to share.  

Sam Trevathan

Sam Trevathan is Education Director of Kids’ Orchestra, a nonprofit that is making a huge impact in the lives of local children. Kids’ Orchestra was founded in 2011 and in the nearly 7 years since has engaged thousands of Baton Rouge kids in grades K-5 in an afterschool immersive music program. In addition to music instructions, Kids Orchestra provides tutoring, homework help, and a healthy snack! They produce two concerts a year. 

Out to Lunch is recorded live over lunch at Mansurs on the Boulevard in Baton Rouge.