What do you use to fight crime? How about an advanced AI tool called Crimer?

Crime meets Crimer

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is one of those terms that can send chills up your spine and make you think of a creepy futuristic, science fiction film. But A.I is not the future, and it’s not fiction. It’s here.

AI crime fighter Lex Adams, founder of Crimer

AI crime fighter Lex Adams, founder of Crimer

Lex Adams is the founder of Crimer, a software company that uses AI and analytics to predict patterns of a crime, to stop it crime BEFORE it’s committed.

Alex and some of his computer science buddies created Crimer in 2018 while they were still students at LSU. In a short time they’ve gotten a lot of attention with their software, which pulls data from a variety of sources, feeds it into an A.I. system, then it spits information predicting where crime will happen.

Crimer’s software has implications beyond crime. Crimer can be used to help emergency responders be prepared to deploy to areas that could become hot spots, and there are also potential applications for real estate investors!

Cyber Crime

Bill Leach fights cyber crime at Transformyx

Bill Leach fights cyber crime at Transformyx

Bill Leach is a cyber security expert and Vice President for IT security and government service at Transformyx, a local Baton Rouge IT firm that has been around since 1987.

In 2017, Transformyx took a sizable step into the world of cybersecurity by acquiring an IT security services firm and hiring Bill, who is a 30-year cybersecurity veteran with the U.S. Navy. Bill brought with him a team of cybersecurity analysts, and Transformyx plans to double the staff of its cybersecurity division over the next year and a half.

Photos by Jill Lafleur. More conversation about Baton Rouge cybercriminals here.