It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve flown across the country or around the world, for that matter. There’s something that continues to dazzle and fascinate us wingless, human creatures every time we get in an airplane, whether a single prop or a jumbo jet, and get ready for take off. 

When cars were invented, they were originally known as “horseless carriages.” In the same way, a few years ago we started talking about “unmanned aircraft” – the contraptions we now call “drones.” 

On this edition of Out to Lunch Baton Rouge, Stephanie Riegel is talking traditional and unmanned aviation.

Baton Rouge Airport Exec Director Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards is Director of Aviation at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport. BTR, as it’s known, is a regional airport with three carriers that serve around a million  passengers a year from its 1,800 acres in north Baton Rouge. Mike took over at the helm of the airport in November 2018, after previously serving as Interim Director and, before that as Operations Manager. Mike previously worked at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport before coming to BTR. 

Drone entrepreneur Billy Gibson

Billy Gibson

Billy Gibson has an aviation company based out of Denham Springs, called  G Force Skyshots. It’s a communications consulting firm that specializes in aerial photography and videography with a specialty in drones. Drone still and video photography has all sorts of applications for businesses in sectors such as real estate, industry, agriculture, and construction, as well as shooting special events. Billy is an award winning writer, photographer, videographer and marketing professional with over 30 years experience, who has had his pilot’s license since 1989. 

Ready for take off on Out to Lunch with Billy Gibson, Mike Edwards, Stephanie Riegel

Billy Gibson, Cole from Mansurs, Mike Edwards, Stephanie Riegel

Out to Lunch Baton Rouge is recorded over lunch at Mansurs On The Boulevard

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