A lot of people who start tech businesses describe them as “The Uber of…” something or other. Most of them don’t lose as much money Uber, but typically they don’t get very far off the ground either. Another popular tech startup that often stalls are businesses based on Virtual Reality.  On this edition of Out to Lunch Stephanie meets two South Louisiana entrepreneurs who are defying expectations, by being successful – in VR and the Uber of Medical Care.

The Uber of Medical Care

Vashon Craft spearheads the Uber of medical care

Vashon Craft

Vashon Craft is Director of Community Relations at a company called Ready Responders, a New Orleans-based startup that expanded into the Baton Rouge market in 2019, bringing with it its unique service of on-demand health care to your door – or wherever you are.

Ready Responders dispatches medics on-demand to provide non-emergency medical care—then offers follow up care with nurses and physicians assistants. It’s all done via a smart phone app using software the company developed.

Cody Louviere, Virtual reality gets real

Cody Louviere

Virtual Reality Gets Real

Cody Louviere is the founder of King Crow Studios, a local software development firm that specializes in virtual reality and video game development. Virtual Reality isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a tool that King Crow is using to create training experiences and platforms for customers that include LED FastStart, ExxonMobil, The Department of Defense, and The Alliance Safety Council.

This show is recorded over lunch at Mansurs on the Boulevard in Baton Rouge.

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