On this week’s show, we explore the intersections between hunting, gathering, fishing, and our changing environment. We begin at the Best of Bycatch dinner at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, where a highly invasive fish is on the menu: the Asian Carp.


Then, we travel to the island of Kauai and meet James Sarme, a fisherman who casts about the traditional Hawaiian way.


Next, we attend a wild boar cook-off in Violet, Louisiana, where we speak with young hunter Meagan Dragon. Meagan is one half of a father-daughter hunting team with her dad, Darryl Dragon.


Finally, we tell you about the strange history of hippos in Louisiana and meet Danlyn Brennan, who has spent her life foraging wild edibles. Her passion for wild craft is clear yet complicated by a desire to keep her methods and locations hidden.


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