Quick Bites: De-cyphering Buttermilk Graffiti – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

If you are a devoted foodie it s a good guess you already know who Edward Lee is. Especially if you caught his Emmy nominated season of Mind of a Chef. Born in Korea, Edward grew up in Brooklyn, but a single trip to the Kentucky Derby transformed him into a new style Southerner, one whose world includes kimchi with a side of fried boloney. We sat down in our studios with Edward when he blew through town on tour with his new book, Buttermilk Graffiti, a book that Anthony Bourdain said, “Shines a light on what it means to cook and eat American food in all its infinitely nuanced and ever evolving glory.” If you enjoy this Louisiana Eats Quick Bite, visit poppytooker.com to see of a video version of Edward Lee s interview produced by Jonathan Evans.