Louisiana Eats! Up and Coming Chefs: Louisiana and Beyond – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On this week s show, we re capturing portraits in sound of several superstar chefs in Louisiana and beyond. We begin with Chef Rick Bayless of Chicago s Frontera Restaurants, who spent his childhood poring over Julia Child s books and watching her on TV before launching his own successful career. Now, Rick s the 2016 recipient of the Julia Child Award for his transformative Mexican cuisine. Then, we bring it back home with Chef Tory McPhail of Commander s Palace. Through determination and dedication to his craft, Tory has secured his place in the Commander s Palace family, as well as the restaurant s chef legacy. Next, we hear from a Louisiana expat who s now making waves in Mississippi, Chef Bingo Starr. After gaining years of experience at the Windsor Court Hotel, Delmonico s, and Cuv e, Bingo relocated to Natchez to be come the chef at the Carriage House Restaurant, one of the city s oldest and most revered dining institutions. Finally, we speak with journalist Karen Stabiner, who documented the life and times of Chef Jonah Miller, owner of Huertas in New York s East Village, in her new book, Generation Chef. We re getting personal looks at some professional cooks on this week s Louisiana Eats For more information please visit us at PoppyTooker.com