American Distillers On A Quest For Quality – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

It probably won’t surprise you that people who distill, prepare and sell alcohol are generally cheery. But what is it about their job that puts them in such a good mood Some get to meet new faces every day, while others study the history of their profession, while even fewer teach the trade to apprentices. Whatever the case, they’re all willing to share their knowledge with others and pursue a comprehensive understanding of their profession. Marvin Allen has tended bar at The Carousel Bar for twelve years and in that time he’s watched the American cocktail enter the mainstream. Marvin has advice about mixing drinks and shares some stories about the lively characters of the French Quarter. We’ll also speak with three men about their commitment to distilling quality spirits like boutique hibiscus liquor, extra strength gin, and even a multi million dollar Bourbon operation. We hope these spirited conversations will leave you informed and thirsty. The Last Call Serves 1 Ingredients 2 oz. Whiskey 1 oz. Sorel Directions Stir together with ice in an old fashioned glass. Sip it and dream.