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On Louisiana Eats! NOLA food icon Poppy Tooker takes us into Louisiana's wide open fields, deep waters, bustling markets, and busy kitchens. Poppy's people are carrying on the traditions of Louisiana's wholly local but universally celebrated food, from farm to table, and sometimes barroom! Poppy roams the State to find the folks whose inspiration and innovation are taking the abundant wealth of Louisiana's food culture into the future. Let's eat!

Quick Bites: Mermaids of New Orleans – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On Mardi Gras Day, it s never surprising to find magical, mythical creatures mingling with street revelers. In her new book, The Mermaids of New Orleans, author Sally Asher brings the effervescent underwater life of Mississippi River sea nymphs to life. One day a year, all mermaids may walk on earth and in New Orleans, that day is Mardi Gras Day. In this podcast, we sit down with Sally and Melissa Vandiver, the book s illustrator to learn the story of their inspirations and collaboration that resulted in one of the most charming children s books every written about New Orleans.