Treasures from the Table – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Perhaps nothing tells the story of a kitchen better than the objects that live in it. On this week s show, we re bringing in a panel of experts for an education on culinary antiques and collectibles. We begin with author and Antiques Roadshow appraiser Nick Dawes. Nick s expertise gives him a remarkable view into the lives of people and their ancestors through the relics that they bring to the show. His visit to the Historic New Orleans Collection s Antiques Forum gave us the opportunity to tap his vast knowledge of ceramics and glass. Then, John Stuart Gordon offers his thoughts on the role silver flatware played in the dining rituals of the 19th century. John has the unique honor of curating American decorative arts at the Yale University Art Gallery, creating for himself the perfect marriage of passion and career. Finally, we speak with Tom Savage, curator of Henry Francis du Pont s former estate, the Winterthur Museum. Tom gives us a peek behind the curtains into one of the du Pont family s finest homes. We re hunting for kitchen treasures on this week s Louisiana Eats