Hospitality For The Mind, Body & Soul – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On this week s show, we meet some individuals who are doing their part to make the world a better place through food. We begin with the remarkable story of JoAnn Clevenger of the Upperline Restaurant. While she is known first and foremost for her beloved restaurant, JoAnn has taken on many different endeavors over the years, all with the unifying purpose of bringing people together. Several contemporary health problems originate from eating foods with artificial preservatives and additives. We speak with a group of “spice health heroes” who are working to combat these ailments by harnessing the power of spices Dr. Geeta Maker Clark, Dr. Linda Shiue, and author Natasha MacAller. We also learn about the connection between digestive health and mental health from Dr. John J. Hutchings, who practices both GI medicine and psychiatry in the New Orleans area. Finally, we ll meet Father Bill Dailey of the Congregation of Holy Cross, who enlightens us about the connection between spirituality and spirits. We re restoring mind, body, and soul on this week s Louisiana Eats For more of all things Louisiana Eats, be sure to visit us at