Louisiana Eats:Ranchers, Farmers And Fishermen Of The Mississippi Watershed – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

On this week s show, we take an in depth look at the unlikely conservationists who work along the Mississippi River watershed. We begin with author Miriam Horn, whose book Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman profiles five people who sustain production while preserving their environment. Miriam joins us to talk about her discovery that there s much more that unites Americans than divides us. Then, we speak to a few of the conservationists featured in Miriam s book, starting with Justin Knopf. A fifth generation farmer from Kansas, Justin offers a unique perspective on sustainable farming practices along the watershed. One of the fishermen Miriam spent time with in researching her book was Lance Nacio, a Louisiana shrimper. Lance gives us his take on coastal conservation. Then, we shift to the final piece of the conservation puzzle ranching. We meet Dusty Crary, the Montana cowboy Miriam profiled in her book. And stockman Justin Pitts provides a counterpoint on conservation, particularly when it comes to wolves and bears on his pastures. For more of all things Louisiana Eats, be sure to visit us at PoppyTooker.com.