Cravings Addiction And Recovery In Bars and Restaurants – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Since we began broadcasting Louisiana Eats over five years ago, we ve noticed a recurring theme when speaking with chefs, bartenders and restaurant owners about a certain aspect of the hospitality and service industry culture. From the front of the house to the back, across Louisiana and the entire country, there is a substance abuse problem in bars and restaurants. On this week s episode, we speak with Will Arendell, a renowned substance abuse counselor, who demystifies the psychology and physiology of addiction. Then, former prison inmate Daniel Genis, whose drug addiction led him to earn the nickname the “apologetic bandit,” gives us a glimpse of prison cooking. Not what prisoners are fed but what and how they re cooking behind bars. We also speak with Anthony Caporale, who is a chef and instructor at New York s Institute of Culinary Education, about how he works to ensure that nobody gets intoxicated in front of or behind the bar on his watch. Finally, Steve Horowitz of Denver restaurant Ganja Gourmet gives us the lowdown on the legal pot scene in the Mile High city today. The good, the bad and the ugly we ve got it all for you on this week s Louisiana Eats