Natchez Sojourn – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

Here s some copy and links. You might want to make sure the pieces match the final cut of the show, as I haven t heard the very final version On this week s show, we re celebrating the tricentennial of Natchez, Mississippi. We ll visit our neighbors across the river and learn how residents are combining history and innovation to make Natchez a singular destination. Founded in 1716, the river city is home to an impressive array of antebellum mansions and national landmarks. We settle in at one of these estates, the Dunleith Historic Inn, where we re greeted by historian Terry Trovato, who gives us a tour of the storied mansion. Next, we hear from the ladies of the Natchez Garden Club, who since 1932 have been opening their private homes to visitors, sparking a passionate interest in historic preservation and creating a now legendary pilgrimage to Natchez. Then, we become acquainted with the new garde of Natchez. We meet Dub Rogers, who is transforming the city s coffee and live music scene through several businesses, including Steampunk Coffee Roasters and Smoot s Grocery. From there, we wander over to the Farmers Market, where a couple of the regulars drop in to deliver their fresh produce. We also speak with Chef Regina Charboneau, whose restaurant Kings Tavern is shaking up the food scene, serving something besides fried catfish. Then, we go next door to tour Charboneau Distillery, where we speak with Regina s husband and son, Doug and Jean Luc Charboneau. Finally, we pay a visit to Natchez Brewing, located in the heart of the city s downtown and run by husband and wife team Lisa and Patrick Miller. There, we taste some oustanding beers and learn how the Millers are making their mark as the smallest brewery in the state. We re on the road to Natchez on this week s Louisiana Eats