10 Years After Katrina, Part 2 – Evolution And Expansion – Louisiana Eats – It’s New Orleans

The food scene of New Orleans has grown tremendously since Hurricane Katrina. On this week s Louisiana Eats , we complete our two part series on the storm by taking a look at the changing face of the city s food scene over the past 10 years. We begin in Gentilly at Arthur Ashe Charter School, where we investigate the edible education revolution that is the Edible Schoolyard. This program, founded by Alice Waters in Berkeley, California, has grown beyond her wildest dreams in New Orleans charter schools, with the level of success that is unparalleled in Berkeley or anywhere else in the country. Then, we take a tour of the Bywater, where ambitious young entrepreneurs are making a mark on the culinary landscape in a big way. Finally, we speak with Leah Chase, who shares with us her priceless wisdom about lessons we should all learn from the city s recovery. We ve come a long way since 2005, and we take you along for the exhilarating ride on this week s Louisiana Eats