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This week, we are headed straight to the living room. But we don’t mean the living room in your house; we’re talking about the nearest Irish Pub In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Louisiana Eats is exploring all things Irish. Tulane History Professor and author of the new book The Irish in New Orleans, Laura Kelley gives us a history of Irish immigrants in the Crescent City and how they influenced Louisiana culture in some unexpected ways. Irish immigrants and owners of Finn McCool’s, Pauline and Stephen Patterson discuss the process of building a traditional Irish Pub from the ground up, and why the pub is such an essential part of Irish culture. Nell Boyle, owner of Henry’s Uptown Bar, talks about owning and operating a bar that has been in her family for four generations, and why marrying an Irish gypsy isn’t such a bad idea. If you wanted to put something in your stomach before you start drinking this St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps you should consider the Full Irish breakfast. Scott Gold describes his discovery and love affair with the delicious and calorific meal. We’ve also got some recipes for both your plate and your glass Shepherd’s Pie Brown some ground beef or lamb with a chopped onion Add a touch of red wine and some herbs 1 table spoon of tomato paste or ketchup